Ministry Prayer Requests

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Prayer is vital to the forward movement of any ministry. Because of our dependence on God, we are thankful for the prayers of many people who faithfully undergird the ministry teams of AFCI.

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Current Requests

AFCI Leaders Visit Cambodia

March 27th, 2017

Along with AFCI International Director, Rev. Paul Hanak, AFCI India’s National Director, Joe Duthie, recently travel to Cambodia for ministry. Paul and Joe met with the staff of the AFCI Cambodia team as well as the board members to discuss ministry plans and vision.  Joe also preached in a local church.  Pray as a result of the trip, the Cambodian team will continue to be encouraged as they strategize and conduct ministry.  Pray those who heard the Word of God through Joe’s message would be strengthened in their walk with Christ.

All Ages Hear the Good News

March 27th, 2017

AFCI India’s Jacob Christian had the recent opportunity to speak in revival meetings, a youth retreat and a leader’s seminar, all taking place in Vapi.  Over 1,000 people attended the first day of events, and 1,700 people attended the second day.  Jacob then spoke at a youth retreat in Chota Udaipur, and he spoke at a Sunday service at Anandapar Immanuel Church.  Pray God will continue to use Jacob’s messages to encourage many.  Pray seekers who heard the good news would soon come to personal faith in Christ.

Extensive Training on the Horizon

March 27th, 2017

April 20-May 8, AFCI Zambia will be sponsoring extensive pastors training for leaders in Ndlao, Kabwe and Chingola.  Focus On the Heart (FOH) training for women will also be offered.  Pray for Mark and Esther Kaoma as they prepare for the conferences.  Facilitators from the USA will be assisting Mark in the teaching sessions.  Pray God will grant all the speakers and facilitators His wisdom as they prepare materials.  Pray the Lord will give all participants safe travel and good health throughout the conference.

Marriage Enhancement Conference Offers Hope

March 27th, 2017

In February, AFCI Zambia’s Mark and Esther Kaoma, conducted a two-day Marriage Enhancement Conference in Chingola City.  Forty-two couples attended and topics included, Communication, Loving Your Spouse, and Handling Material and Financial Blessings in the Home.  Many marriages were revived and an invitation for Mark and Esther to return for another seminar was extended.  Pray the couples will continue to grow in their relationships together and that their testimonies would influence many with the gospel.

Believers Strengthened in the Lord

March 27th, 2017

National Director of AFCI Zambia, Mark Kaoma and his wife, Esther, continue to minister at various venues.  Mark recently preached at a church in Ndola and several people made deeper-life commitments to Christ.  Esther is conducting the Focus On the Heart (FOH) ministry in three cities with her co-workers Fredolinah and Queen, and 72 women have attended training.  Pray that as a result of the training, God would enable the women to develop a deeper relationship with Him and then be able to encourage others in Christ by passing on the FOH principles.

Traveling and Training

March 27th, 2017

Regional Director of AFCI Africa and the Middle East, Fred Amoah-Darko and his wife, Ruby, have much travel during 2017.  In addition to local travel within Ghana, Fred and Ruby will be in South Africa, Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Pray God will grant Fred and Ruby good health as they journey and that believers will be encouraged as they receive Biblical training.  Pray also that God would raise up the funds needed for all the trips.  In addition, pray for Fred as he will conduct advanced leadership training in Queenstown, South Africa in April.

Growing the Ministry

March 27th, 2017

AFCI Ghana continues outreach and training on different fronts.  Jonas disciples new believers in the north, and Mohammed continues to do evangelism and church planting.  In ‘A’ region, Cephas reports that five people recently trusted Christ during an evangelistic outreach.  Pray God will protect the AFCI men and their families as they minister to people with different spiritual backgrounds.  Pray the Holy Spirit will enlighten the minds of the many who hear the gospel through these ministry events.

Leaders Hungry for Training

March 27th, 2017

Regional Director of AFCI Africa and the Middle East, Fred Amoah-Darko, had the recent opportunity to teach Christian leaders How to Study the Bible and How to Lead Small Groups.  Fred covered principles of observation, interpretation and application, and rather than wait two months for the next sessions, the group had Fred return a week later for additional training.  Pray each leader will effectively apply the study principles they learned, and that as a result, many believers will be strengthened in God’s word.

Ministering Around the World

March 7th, 2017

AFCI’s Hayward and Barbara Paul have several mission trips arranged for the year.  April 18-May 6 they will be in Zambia, and then additional ministry will be conducted in Spain, Romania and in Myanmar throughout the rest of the year.  Pray for the Pauls as they recruit others to assist on these mission trips.  Pray God will grant them His strength and good health as they travel.  Pray God will use Hayward and Barbara in a mighty way as they teach and counsel at various venues.

Heart Freedom Available

March 7th, 2017

AFCI’s Barbara Hanak had the recent opportunity to conduct Focus On the Heart (FOH) training for women in Atlanta.  Heart Freedom Part One was presented, and Heart Freedom Part Two will take place in late April.  Pray the women who attended the first portion of the training will be able to complete the second portion.  Pray for Barbara and her team as they teach and train.  Pray that through the courses, the lives of many women will be strengthened by the love of Christ.